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Astrological Self-Awareness Center, LLC

“God said, let there be Lights in the firmament of the Heavens, to divide the Day from the Night; and let them be for Signs, and for Seasons, and for Days, and Years.” Genesis I: 14-15

The goal of the Astrological Self Awareness Center is to educate and increase awareness for the psychological use astrology. Our mission is to help show the truth of astrology in the Holy Bible as taught by Jesus to the disciples. We believe astrology is discussed throughout the Bible and that it is a tool that should be used with the goal of helping others understand themselves better and not to predict the future or go against God’s plan for us. We believe in the importance and significance of using astrology only as a personality tool in the mental health arena and helping professions to help clients understand the psyche.

Our mission is to help others through educating, teaching and providing full range spiritual counseling services and resources. We believe that by helping others understand their personality traits, emotions, relationships and attractions, it will ultimately help them make better choices in their lives. God gave us certain innate skills, talents, emotions and personality traits to face the world and when we understand our life mission and our soul’s purpose we can better serve others. When we understand our inner soul and personality better, we develop more control over ourselves and are better equipped to meet the challenges we face. The astrological chart is the map of the soul, which God has blessed each of us with. We interpret this map and help guide clients in a Christ centered philosophy in life matters such as marriage, parenting, relationships, career, health, family issues, friendship and spiritual mission. 

We offer Christ Centered astrological counseling to help individuals and couples. We are also available to give workshops and lectures on various psychological and spiritual topics upon request. We are available to write articles for various spiritual magazines and newspapers upon request.  Contact us today!


Astrology & You Carmen Turner-Schott MSW, LISW with Astrology-Awareness was recently interviewed by "Ponsi's Foreverwell Health & Wellness Network". Astrology and You.


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