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Testimonials of Carmen's Clients

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My first astrological interview with Carmen Turner Schott was like being hand grabbed by your old sister in her determination to get her junior home safe ahead of the oncoming thunder storm. Carmen unearths ‘’wow’’ ways to interpreting the Past and reading the signposts to the best Future. Carmen helps take the perceptual sting/poison out or emotional hurts that enable deep healing. Her insights remove the stress caused by the feeling of listlessness when we are moving without a clear sense of direction and/or with our eyes not fully open. Most of all, Carmen provides the space/atmosphere where you can most clearly hear what it is that you need to reveal to yourself through words. With high regards.

- Seamus in Ireland


I was having a lot of unanswered questions in my life when I spoke to Carmen. I must say that I am a novice when it comes to Astrology however Carmen explained the complexities to me very well so that I, as a layman could understand. Also I must point out that I am sceptical when it comes to things like Astrology, I have to have, I need to have, something tangible, something 'real' in front of me. When Carmen started to read my chart I was apprehensive, however within minutes she had accurately and concisely summed me up, even points of me that I had not let known to others were brought to the surface! Carmens kind manner, her empathy and her insight brought great comfort to me, even after the reading Carmen was very willing to advise me on points that I hadn't thought of during the reading, truly fantastic customer service.

- B.A.-United Kingdom


I enjoyed the natal-chart session you. Your reading was insightful and on-point, confirming many things I’ve been wondering about for years. Most importantly, I felt a connection with you that you understood me through your chart interpretation. Your depth of knowledge was evident. The delivery of info. was real, honest, felt safe, and not complicated.

- M.Z., Tampa, Florida



I really enjoyed the consultation and was blown away with some of the things you mentioned. It made me feel like things made sense all of a sudden. I feel like my life has been a struggle and hope by knowing this information now I can use it to my advantage! I also listened to your videos on your website....very knowledgeable. Thank you!

- E.M., Worcester, Massachusetts


I found your website after getting into hermetic arts, gnosis, astrology and read your article about the Sun in the Eighth House, no words have ever wrang truer...I'd like to thank you.

- S.P., Chicago, Illinois


I have just read some excerpts from your site, especially about the 8th and 12th house and I have to tell you that it made me cry. I am usually really sceptic about astrology.... you know, the usual doubts of a mind that somehow thinks that it can grasp the world with its intellect ..... but your descriptions and insights really touched me. The eighth house, that phoenix you address, that is me. I was always searching for answers, maybe also for justifications for why I am the way I am and why I am here.

- J.B., Germany


I was looking for information on the 8th house on the internet when I came across that article Carmen wrote about the 8th house . I must say the description of the feelings experienced by 8th house people surprised me as I thought it was spot on, especially the pain I feel when I relate to other people I am not really comfortable with without knowing why. I therefore decided to contact her. She organized a skype session which worked perfectly.

I would definitely recommend Carmen. Her description of my personality looking at my chart was very accurate and the explanations about what is my soul mission made sense considering the story of my life. She was also very warm and put me at ease straight away which added up to the quality of her work.

- Vincent , French native living in the UK


Though it has been years since you published it, I have read your article "The Sun in the Twelfth House: Suffering and the Father" many times, and I cannot explain how deeply I identify with it. It is true, this placement is a blessing, and though I am surrounded by aloneness at the moment, I know that it will pass. This placement has brought the most fortune I could have ever known, and I am so strong because of it. I want to thank you for being here and providing that article and your services for people like me. I am so grateful to know that I am not alone and that you have helped me along my journey towards understanding. Thank you so much!!! You are in my thoughts and heart.

- J.Z. -China


Carmen’s ability to explain my natal chart was remarkable. No one’s natal chart is going to be all roses and Carmen has a sensitive way of explaining the not-so-rosy parts of one’s chart, past, present and future, that makes you glad you came to her. Carmen was able to make so many painful events of my past finally make sense, which has allowed me to see my future more positively. Because I have felt the need to relocate, I was particularly interested in astrolocality, also known as astrocartography, to help me determine the best places for me to consider living. It was really interesting to find out that a couple of places I had intuition about were actually indicated by Carmen’s astrocartography charts to be very good places for me to live. That in itself was a confirmation to me that my intuition is something I should always consider as what is right for me. I was also glad to know of other localities from Carmen that were good places for me as well as places to completely eliminate. This information is invaluable; it will limit my search for the right place to live to the best places on my chart which will save me time, money and frustration.

Thank you, Carmen!

- KG in York, PA


"I stumbled upon Carmen's website and her words really touched me. I am Sagittarius with Virgo rising and Aries moon. I had never understood my Aries moon? I emailed my details to Carmen straight away and she replied. She explained to me about my 8th house Aries moon, this resonated with me really deeply and explained many things that have happened in my life. Carmen then did my Natal chart which she sent to me in England, and we had a great telephone consultation. Carmen's insight inspired and touched me, her intuitve understanding of my chart and my personality gave me a deeper understanding of myself. It also helped me in understanding more of my purpose and goals in life, things which I had felt but not articulated, Carmen brought clarity! Since our conversation I feel empowered through the understanding it has brought me of myself, where I am at and where I am going. Thank You Carmen."

- Hannah J Fellowes, United Kingdom


"I've come across your writing about the 8th house and I found that it resonates with me the most out of many texts and explainations I have read. It brought me hope too and I want to thank you for writing your insights about the 8th house it is a life long exploration for me."

- D.Y., Bejing, China


"I came across your article on First of all, congratulations on the article and secondly thank you for the deep insight and it is most accurate and nicely worded. I have come across many other articles addressing the same issue, but most did not relate to us (Sun in the Twelfth House) on a personal level (or at least they were not as verbal)"

- T.J., New Zealand


"Thank you Carmen, You brought me to tears. You have so clearly articulated much that I have lived! Please keep writing you made a difference in my life."

- Deb, London, England


"I'm nuts about astrology and the search for who I really am and why I'm here, I read your article on the 8th house and just have to thank you, it was very accurate. I recognized the thing about seeing true people for what they really are about and such."

- A.T., Solna, Sweden


"Your article was a true enlightenment and everything you said is so true. I'd like to say you brightened my day. It was like you were talking right out of my head and you explained exactly how I am with no exceptions."

- S.M, London, England


"Great job. Guess what?? You were right on about my home being in upheaval in June. I just moved and am finishing up this week."

- M.T., St. Louis, Missouri


"Everything we talked about last year in my chart has really made a difference with me this past year!"

- P.C., St. Louis, Missouri


"I have had a couple of consultations with Carmen and both have been very thorough and insightful. The first one was about a compatibility chart and she helped me understand the basis of that relationship and how, having the same sign on the cusps of the houses, this guy and I approached aspects of life in similar ways, and thus, the mirror effect that also tells you a lot about yourself. The most recent one was a reading about transits, solar return and relocation maps. Carmen again was very thorough and she knows how to explain what is going on in a personalized way. Her information about the changes in my life over the last three years (passing my Saturn return, plus Pluto transiting my 4th house --double shot!) was indeed valuable and gave me new perspective on what to be cautious about and what to embrace more fully in the months ahead. Both phone consultations were informative and also very fun."

- J.B., Madison, Wisconsin


"I was doing a bit of research on the 8th house and came across your article. I thought it was helpful and made me feel much better about my particular chart. You have no idea how positive your article made me feel about my chart"

- J.S., United Kingdom, England


"I just finishd reading your article on the Mysteries of the 8th House. Thank you..thank you. I came across your article today by surfing on the's all to do with synchronicity. I am slowly heading towards the energy healing. I am 55. It seems it took all this time for me to accept the "healer in me"."

- A.M.P, Quebec, Canada


"I just read your article on the 8th house and I just want to thank you for blessing me with this. My 8th house is Sagittarius occupied by Neptune. I have always felt different even like an outcast. It's the deep, intense things that have always drawn me. I've had religion and spiritual struggles as a Christian studying occultic and mystical things. It's considered taboo. You really blessed me with the bubble method, because I was looking for alternatives to treat my depression without meds. I look forward to more of your writings"

- C.C., New York, USA


"I have found Carmen to be an insightful and talented astrologer. She has "hit the nail squarely on the head" with her interpretations of my chart often. She has told me about events that came to take place even when I could see no way that they could happen, let alone so quickly! I pay attention to her council now and discount nothing no matter how beyond the realm of probability it appears!"

- C.G., St. Louis, Missouri


"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Deeper Look at the Sun Signs article on Sagittarius. I found it to be the most accurate and encompassing descriptive of my Sagittarian personality that I've ever read, right down to the Scorpio spouse! You were very accurate and I'm impressed by your perception and talent. Thank you for writing such an insightful article. It was very much appreciated and enjoyed."

- J.B., St. Louis, Missouri

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