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Neptune: Alcoholism, Addictions & Spiritual Awakening, Part Two

neptuneHere is a difference between being spiritual and being religious. Many individuals I counsel explain to me that they were raised conservatively and believed in a more fundamental belief system. They go on to tell me that they also felt that they lost their faith at some point in their lives. They tell me that they look out into the world and see destruction, poverty, suffering, and disillusionment. What I began to realize was that they were coming face to face with their Neptunian energies. They were being forced to awaken.
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Neptune: Alcoholism, Addictions & Spiritual Awakening, Part One

neptuneA girl who is twelve years old comes home from school and notices that her father is acting strange. She can smell something on his breath as he starts to talk and begins slurring his words. She is aware that something is wrong. Her father begins to tell her that she is fat and needs to lose weight. She is shocked and begins to cry as he passes out in the chair holding a can of something, although she does not know it is a can of beer. She runs down the hall to tell her mother that daddy said something mean to her. She tells her mother, “He called me fat.” Her mother looks at her with a glazed look and uncomfortably says, “He is just joking with you, he is fine.” She walks away baffled, confused, and bewildered.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: Saturn the Teacher

saturnThe planet Saturn is a beautiful planet with mysterious rings surrounding it. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the god of agriculture, prosperity and good harvest. Saturn has been known since prehistoric times and was first observed by Galileo in 1610. Saturn is a planet that many people fear, because it is associated with karmic learning, restriction, responsibilities, and duties. Why is it feared? Saturn is known as the “Teacher” and even the “Grim Reaper”. This means that wherever the planet Saturn is located in the natal chart is where you will feel heavy responsibilities, burdens and where you will feel restricted in that area of life. It is the teacher of karmic lessons and forces us to face our fears. According to Robert Hand, Saturn strips away illusions and points out limitations, allowing you to view yourself in a harsh, often unflattering light. At the same time, it endows you with prudence, practicality, and the perseverance to work hard toward achieving your purposes. Consequently, this is a good time to rearrange your career or lay the foundation for a new one.
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Transiting Pluto in the Fourth House: I'm Moving to Ohio

plutoI often tell clients that Pluto is the planet of change and transformation. Wherever Pluto is placed in our natal chart will show where we will suffer great change in our lives, especially in childhood. Pluto is the planet of truth. It pushes its way through light to bring out all the darkness that is hidden. The darkness and secrets are forced into the open to be faced and to be accepted. The growth process is the most beneficial aspect of Pluto energy, but it is hard to remember this when we are going through struggles.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: The Moon

moonThe Moon, also known as Luna is a powerful influence in our lives. The Moon affects the tides of the ocean and many believe the phases of the Moon are crucial in ceremony, ritual and magic. In Greek culture, Selene was the goddess of the Moon whose chariot lit up the sky at night. When she was finished, her brother Helios made his chariot ride across the sky in the daytime.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: Venus

venusThe planet Venus was named after the Roman goddess Venus and is the second planet closest to the sun. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty is also associated with Venus. Venus was known to the ancient Babylonians around 1600 BC, and to the Mayan civilization and must have been known long before in prehistoric times, given that it is the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon. The Mayans developed a religious calendar based on Venus's motion.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: Mars

marsThe planet Mars is known as the “Red Planet” and is named after the Roman God of War because of its reddish color when observed from earth. The Greek God of War, Ares, is associated with Mars energy. He was known to have several love affairs and had a strong competitiveness that sometimes led to impulsivity. In our astrology natal chart, Mars rules our desires, aggressive spirit, and drives. The position of Mars in the natal chart, shows the energy of ones competetive nature, goals, and the desire to achieve them. According to astrologer Bob Mulligan,” Mars is the planet of desires. It shows how you aim at your goals and how you power yourself towards goals.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: Mercury

mercuryThe planet Mercury is about the same size as the moon. Its orbit is closest to the sun and it rotates round the sun four times, while the earth only makes one revolution. Mercury is so close to the sun that it is never seen more than 28 degrees from it. It can only be seen at certain times after the sun has set, or immediately before sunrise. In Greece, Mercury was associated with Hermes, “the quick messenger of the gods”.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: The Sun

sunThe Sun glows brightly in the sky, radiating warmth on us all. It is the most prominent figure in our solar system and without it there could be no life. The Sun is personified and was worshipped by many ancient cultures. For instance, the Greeks called it helios and the Romans called it Sol. The Eygyptians believed that Ra was the Sun God and that he made his way across the solar system each night and arose each morning in the east.
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A Deeper Look at the Planets: Jupiter

jupiterJupiter is the larges planet in our solar system and is more than 300 times as massive as the Earth. Jupiter is the most brilliant object in the sky and sometimes rivals any star. In ancient mythology, Jupiter was the ruler of the heavens and was all powerful. He represented good faith, honor and wisdom.
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