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Astrological Consultations

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Astrology is the map of your soul and by interpreting this map we can gain valuable information about our life circumstances and validation concerning our personal issues. If you want to find out more about your personality, emotions, relationships, health and soul mission the astrological consultation is a good place to start. The natal chart is a map of your soul. We interpret your natal chart intuitively, astrologically and spiritually to help you understand yourself and your strengths.

Initial Astrology Consultation

(New Clients)

Includes: 1 hour consultation in person, telephone, or Skype, Art-Wheel, 35 page printout, and CD recording of session.

Birth Chart Interpretation -

Your birth chart is a tool for understanding your innate gifts, career, relationships, health, parenting, friendships and challenges that you face in life. The birth chart is what I call the map of the soul and the energy of your natal chart explains your emotional nature, personality traits, inclinations, tendencies and urges. By understanding ourselves better, we can ultimately accept ourselves and use this information to improve our lives.

60 minutes with CD recording- $130

Year-Ahead Forecast -

In preparing a year-ahead we look at the areas of change in your life. I use several specialized astrological charts and explain the upcoming energy and changes such as (Solar Return, Transit Chart, and Progressed Chart). As Edgar Cayce said, “Astrology is fact, but there is no greater power over man than his own Will.” I can share with you the issues, challenges and concerns while guiding you to find practical solutions on how to face the upcoming energies in your life. All information given is shared with you to help prepare you for potential events and help you develop confidence in facing karmic issues. We will focus on helping you accept spiritual lessons as blessings.

60 minutes with CD recording- $130

**Birth Chart Interpretation & Year-Ahead Forecast (90 min) $185

Annual, Birthday or Astrological Update –

Current clients only
It is nice to follow up with us after our first session once a year or on your birthday to see what things have changed and how the energy is manifesting in your life. We can take a look at the year ahead for you and see what things are manifesting in your life in areas such as career, marriage, relationship, parenting, health and much more.

60 minutes with CD recording- $130

Parenting and Children’s Consultation

All parents would benefit by understanding their child’s strengths and personality characteristics. Understanding our children’s natal chart will prepare us and give us extraordinary skills in parenting that we cannot learn from parenting books alone. This consultation will focus on techniques for parents and includes child’s astrological personality profile and art wheel of individual child. You will learn about your child’s strengths, emotional nature, talents, gifts, communication style, and soul mission.

60 minutes with CD recording- $130

Relationship Compatibility Consultation

This consultation will focus on your individual personality and your lover, friend, significant other, marriage partner or business partner. We will look at both your charts and we use specialized astrological charts (Composite Chart, Compatibility Chart and Synastry Chart) to explain compatibility, similarities and differences between you. We will also look at relationship karma and what the purpose of the relationship is and what challenges you may face as a couple.

90 minutes with CD recording- $150

Business and Corporation Consultation

Businesses and Corporations have natal charts. A business astrology consultation is based on the time you started your business. This may be the date you opened your business, the incorporation date, or both. The business astrology chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of the business; and by using astrological cycles, it forecasts what you can expect to happen in the future of the business. If you are starting a business, we can look at a chart that will guide you to the right “time” and “place” of such a venture based on your astrological information.

When it comes to dealing with people, their birthdays can tell you a lot more about them than a resume can. The most successful businesses flourish because of the "people on the team". In Korea, major business and financial corporations do not hire employees without having a picture photo of that person and analyzing their astrological chart. This is something that is part of the culture and belief system. You might have heard that people make or break you.
A Business Astrology Consultation can help you:

  • Hire the best employees, improve morale, and reduce turnover
  • Predict the success of potential partnerships
  • Learn how to best gain trust with particular customers

60 minutes with CD recording- $130

Relocation and Geographic Consultation

Have you ever wondered why some areas you have lived in impacted your career in a negative way or why when you moved to a new area you got promoted. We use astrological information based on your natal chart and areas of the world to see where the most beneficial areas are for you to live, find love, expand your career and where you will have overall family happiness. This consultation will include AstroMaps and specific relocation information that will explain to you which areas of the United States or Overseas are best for you to personally live. If you have a partner, we can look at their chart as well and find a standard place that is positive for both of you to live. Oftentimes one area is better for one person than the other, we can research and find specific area that enhances both partners lives.

60 minutes with CD recording- $130

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