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A Practical Look at the Planets in the Houses

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Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing, 2010

Carmen was asked by Llewellyn to write a book about the planets through each astrological house. She signed the contract in April 2009 and completed the rough draft manuscript in August 2009 and is awaiting her publishing date in 2010. As soon as she knows the release date she will announce it here.

Excerpt from “A Practical Look at the Planets in the Houses”

by Carmen Turner-Schott

The planets in your astrological chart possess a powerful energy and are crucial to unveiling your true nature. The planets fall in a certain astrological sign when you are born and in one of the twelve areas of life, which are called the houses in the chart. Each house carries specific energy and rules certain life issues that are important for you to understand. The quickest way to understand yourself better is to look at the house placement of the major ten planets in your natal chart. This will help you understand your personality and gain greater self-awareness. The energy of the house that the planets are placed in takes precedence and outweighs the planet in the sign itself. I have found through my personal experiences with clients that the house the planet is in matters more than the sign the planet is placed in.

I have counseled clients that have behaved very differently based on the energy of the house placement of their planets. For instance, I had a client who had five major planets all in the sign Capricorn. This client of mine did not show traits or behave like a Capricorn at all. When asked, he even discussed with me how he is the opposite of all those traits. After several similar experiences with clients, I realized that the clients who had several planets placed in a specific house were behaving and possessing more of the traits of the sign that ruled the house those planets were in. I like to refer to this phenomenon as the house affect, which means that if the five planets are all in the same sign, but are all placed in the eighth house that individual’s personality will be much more like a Scorpio the house ruler of the eighth. I have witnessed this phenomenon, time and time again when I do astrological counseling. My point in relating this to you is that it is important for you to focus on the meaning of the planets through each house so that you can gain a greater perspective about yourself and others in your life. This book will explain the basic house meanings and what energy each house represents in your life. You will begin to understand that the interpretations coincide with the energy and issues of the house and that it shows how the energy of your personality is manifested into the world.

I am going to focus on shedding light into each specific house. I want you to fully understand each houses role in your life. Then you will be able to read about each planet through the twelve houses and gain greater insight about yourself. The impact of the planet in the house will also reveal certain life issues that you may encounter. The goal of this book is to discuss astrological energy in a practical way, so that you can understand the actual manifestation of astrological energy in your daily life. The energy of the planets and our individual natal chart impact us daily either emotionally, mentally or physically. The most important thing to remember is that we always have free will and choice. We can choose how we respond to the different life energies that impact us based on our natal chart. We can develop greater self-awareness; understand our life issues, relationships and experiences better when we have practical examples to incorporate into our everyday life.

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